Festival People

Festival Producer: Justine Atkinson

Programme Coordinator: Myriam Mouflih

Curators: Soukaina Aboulaoula, Lizelle Bisschoff, Ana Camila Esteves, Zoë Charlery, Victoria Jones, Évodie Ngueyeli, Thulani Rachia, Natasha Ruwona, Trésor Senga, Tahliah Simumba, Carmen Thompson, Stefanie Van de Peer, Lisa Williams

Programming Trainee: Naomi Gessesse

Hospitality Coordinator: Sara Shaarawi

Marketing Coordinator: Carmen Thompson

Volunteer Coordinator: Fiona Halliday

Short Film Competition Coordinator: Callum Creaney

Graphic Designer: Jamie Young

Web Development: James Cocker

Website Design: Darling Forsyth Design

Short Film Competition Submissions and Selections Team: University of Glasgow Film and Television Studies Masters Students

Cover design: Untitled

Special thanks go to all our volunteers whose commitment to the festival is crucial to its success.